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Randy Umbaugh

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Randy Umbaugh

Randy and his wife, Kim, live in nearby Winona Lake where they raised their two daughters, Hillary and Emily.   They are all active in their churches, where they have taken part in various leadership positions, jobs, study groups and volunteer services since moving to the Warsaw area in 1995.   Both daughters continue to live their lives in ways that make us proud.  Questions about our grandchildren are always welcome!

Randy graduated from Indiana University (Bloomington) in 1984 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business, concentrating in Finance.  In 1995, after 11 years of corporate Finance and Accounting, he put his financial background to a more fulfilling use … personal financial planning.   He has now spent 25 years, through good markets and bad, guiding his clients toward their financial goals.

Randy finds financial planning to be personally gratifying as he is able to help people who find themselves in new roles, responsible for financial matters in ways that they are not familiar.  This may result from an upcoming retirement, the loss of a family member, an unexpected tax burden, or simply the realization that providing for one’s family (or self) will not happen by accident.

Financial planning has been the key for many peoples’ financial lives becoming more organized, more focused, and allowing them to know that their money is working for the purposes that they want it to...  But it can’t start without you!

Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth – Proverbs 10:4